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Marketing within Instagram

It's really hard to get people to make a cold transition from instagram to your website. 

But fear not, the story doesn’t need to end there!

Instagram has some “Hidden” features that seem pretty trivial until you recognise how you might be able to use them as marketing tools - tools to deepen your relationship with your audience, tools to facilitate greater communication, and tools turn a cold contact into a warm and ready-to-buy contact.

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How to handle life’s obligations and start an art career?

Full Time Job + Art + Family/Kids…

The fundamentals of this topic are so varied that talking about it is hard. Everyone’s life is just so different. Is your job 40 hours, 20, or 80? Do you have a new born, 3 kids, and what are their ages? How much time does your spouse need, or are you a single parent? The only way I know how to do it, is to talk about my own story, and in doing so hope that some of you relate. As we go I will try to pull out a few kernels of wisdom I picked up a long the way.

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Cultivating: Don't Know Mind

One of the pervasive myths about art is that the artist knows what a drawing will look like before they sit down to draw it.

If you’re lucky, you’ve had the occasional piece of art come out exactly how you expected it to, but that’s not how this works. Yet still, we’re often unsatisfied by our lack of control over the process.

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Top Ten Marketing Tips for Artists

Here's some marketing advice, from a friend in marketing who I recently set up to do a call with some freelance artist friends: Figure out what you do best, and focus 80% of your effort on that. Whether it's doing that, or doing things that support it (studies, business/sales, marketing, etc), and the other 20% for trying out other things to see if they may be part of your strength but you don't know it yet.

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A Checklist for Aspiring Illustrators to Get Started on their Career

1. Your portfolio should only consist of your best pieces, remember one weak piece will weaken the whole portfolio. Don’t put too many images in either. 10-12 images are usually optimal. The content of the portfolio depends on what kind of illustration you want to do, make sure to do your research on the field you’re interested in first.

2. A good, strong …

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The Five C's of Instagram: CONTENT

In this post, I'll talk about what I know regarding content and what makes decent content.

How to generate maximum content: Take lots of photos during the process of creating the piece. From sketch to finish, photograph it in decent light (I can talk about image editing apps at a later time but taking a decent photograph is the first step). It can be taken with a phone, considering it's not going to be viewed larger than, say, an iPad screen. But you still want to at least try for a relatively decent image. Set up your phone to be able to take a few videos, or if you have the capability, film the entire process. These videos will be chopped and shredded and used up until it's compost! But videos are the best content on Instagram. IG loves videos and will push it to the top of your followers timelines. 

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First Year on Twitch

"I'll be back again next week for "Twitching Tuesday" at 7pm EST! Let's go raid my buddy Blake's channel, have a good night everybody!" I'd sing into the microphone as I bid goodnight to my modest yet loyal and enthusiastic audience. I'd click "end stream" and the spell I had been under for the past 4-8 hours would suddenly be broken, and I'd awaken once more to my eerily quiet studio alone with my art. For the first time that night I could finally gaze upon what I had made with an undistracted eye, and many - many times my reaction has been "What have I done???" Then I would sigh, pick up my paint brush and get back to work.. fixing everything I'd gotten wrong. The evening chatting and making jokes with friends and fans had been so much fun... but at what cost? After a solid year and a half of consistent live-streaming I'm looking back at the results and wondering... is it all worth it?

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One Review at a Time: Camera Arm for Artists

You probably know that video is important for content creators. As an artist video fits naturally into what you do. People want to know how we make the magic! This year I decided to make video a priority and in order to help with that I got an articulated arm that will hold my Canon camera.

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The Zen Artist: What Comes Next?

I believe the path of artistic inspiration runs parallel to the path of enlightenment. Let’s explore this idea with an ancient Zen riddle.

Once a monk made a request of Joshu.
“I have just entered the monastery,” he said. “Please give me instructions, Master.”
Joshu said, “Have you had your breakfast?”
“Yes, I have,” replied the monk.
“Then,” said Joshu, “wash your bowls.”
The monk had an insight.

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The Instagram Algorithm (May 2019)

Instagram provides a free marketing platform for visual content creators. The days of advertising executives making all the decisions is over. 

This is GREAT news for creators. It means that we have a free stage and a free bullhorn with which to bring an audience to our art. 

"Ok great. So how do I fight the algorithm?" -you, maybe.

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Scheduling Social Media Posts with Later

This year, one of my goals is to regain a lot of lost time spent on social media while growing my online presence. When I refer to lost time, I don’t mean the lost hours of endless scrolling looking at friends posts, what I’m referring to is the tedious task of maintaining a business presence online.

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Selling on Instagram made easy

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the easiest for us artists to gather a following. Getting thousands of people keeping up with you is nice but if you’re trying to sell stuff, it can be tough. Instagram makes it very hard to get users to take action or buy anything.

You’re going to want to set up your account to tag products. Once you do that, you can embed a purchase link directly into your images on IG. Getting it set up is a little bit of a pain, but once you’ve got it, it’s powerful. People can make purchases from your personal site without leaving IG.

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How to Make an Amazing Patreon Cover Image

As an artist it is becoming more and more clear that Patreon is the place to be. The format and fan interaction possible over on Patreon is amazing! We’ve written several articles at 1FW about how to start your Patreon (seriously go start one already). Today let’s talk about making an amazing cover image.

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Driving to Conventions - Pros and Cons

I keep it no secret that I drive to almost all of my shows. This routinely has me on the road for between 3 and 20 hours each way, depending on the show. Why did I decide on this path? To be honest, initially it was because I’m something of a nervous flyer, but overtime I’ve learned to take full advantage of the space in the vehicle and learned to love the long days alone in the car. Let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of driving to conventions.

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Meditation, Well-being and Levitation

I started meditating recently. The short version of this story is, it’s good. The long version is more interesting.

My history with meditation goes way back to my earliest memories. My parents were both involved in a movement called Transcendental Meditation and I remember them regularly locking themselves in the bedroom so they could sit on the bed quietly. It’s one of those things that doesn’t strike you as strange when you are a kid, but then you grow up and realize that no one else you know had the same experience.

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